Tuesday, May 16, 2006

yet another beginning...

I have already had two previous attempts at maintaining a blog. Here's a third one. Would I bet on whether it survives after the first few posts? No way. But doesn't this go against my self-proclaimed incorrigible optimism? Perhaps, but remember, whenever I make that claim, I also hasten to add that I am also a realist at the same time. Let me explain. I have seen my blogging disappear after a few weeks or maybe a few months. So while my incorrigible optimism leads me to create yet another blog, my realism forces me to be skeptical (I don't know why I prefer a "k" over a "c" in this word) about its long term future. But let's see, I'll give it a chance.

The reason I lose interest in my blogs and create a new one is that I lose interest with something in it. My first one was very anonymous in the beginning and I used to refer to people as B. or S. or K. or the like, and sometimes confused myself. Noone of course ever read it because I didn't tell anyone about it. Later on, I did start using names. There were quite a few things happening and these called for verbal diarrhoea, but I didn't have time... and it seemed unfair that I ignore these important parts of my life (like almost falling in love and a 2-week trip to Greece) in the blog. And then of course the most important character in the story, Mr. Procrastination comes to play and the blog kinda dies. It can, of course, be revived, but for some reason I don't feel like it. I feel like making a fresh start.

The second attempt was not only anonymous, but was "pseudonymous". It was supposed to be my writing practice. It took advantage of the possibility of multiple blogs under the same account on this website, and had three blogs. The first one would be a diary; the second really a writing practice, with my attempts at writing, jotting down notes, character sketches etc; and the third and the most successful one was a e-scrapbook, where I used to collect interesting news items from various websites. This set died again because of the infamous Mr. P., although as I mentioned, the scrapbook went on for quite a while. The reason even the scrapbook died (or more appropriately, fell into coma) was I was bored of copy-pasting the news items and finding and inserting the appropriate html code for hiding most of the text in the main blog. I also kinda got disenchanted with the pseudonymity and the pointlessness of the pseudonymity.

I will probably still have this a bit anonymous, but lets see. I'm also planning a few different sections here. One will be this one, the diary. I will probably also have the scrapbook and the creative writing sections, though of course the latter would probably be hidden. And most importantly, in light of my impending visit to Paris, I'll have a travelogue. I will probably add visitors (HC/CS and otherwise) to it too. And this time I'll be a bit less timid about giving my blog out to people, especially on the internet.

Let's see how it works out.


The Visitor said...

AS - This is too much of a coincidence. LOL.

My first blog, anonymous, had just one post and died.

My second blog, now with a pseudonym, has 2 parts, one the kind of e-scrap book, and the second one for writing practice, which I just created today. My e-scrapbook doesnt exactly contain snippets from other blogs, but points to other blogs with a short description about the content. Incidently this blog seems to be 'popular'.
Well let me see if history repeats itself. :)

A.S. said...

Indeed, this is an interesting coincidence. I do still have my old scrapbook, and I still find the posts in there very interesting and sometime if I am really bored, I might actually transfer all that into a new section here. Check it out if you like (but please don't comment there, as I am NOT going to login and answer in that blog!): http://newspaperclips.blogspot.com/

As I have noted in this posting, I had been trying to keep my previous blogs for my eyes only, without giving out its address to others even when I commented on other people's blogs. My current blog is different. I know people (like yourself) read it, occasionally find my blabberings interesting, and even add comments. This, I think, helps one to keep posting, even if not very regularly. As you say, your blog has become popular too. So let's hope both of us keep on blogging and are not tempted to abandon these for other interests.