Friday, July 14, 2006

My Paris travelogue...

... is on my travel blog now. The complete one, with photos.

Since this was probably the first time I carried my laptop to a trip and my blogs are rather new, I was able to maintain a regular travelogue during the trip. Just the last two days (one and a half actually) were missing. I was first lazy to write these two days, and also to process, select, and insert the photos. I solved the usual procrastination problem by putting in the photos day by day and putting the posts up, and then today wrote up the last two days, inserted the photos and made them public. Feels good now. This is the second time in my life I have a full travelogue. The first time was of course a written one during my college trip to Rajasthan in Nov-Dec 1992. Since then I have never finished my travelogues (if I at all did start one). I almost took the one during the Spain trip, but gave up during the last few days. I didn't proceed beyond the first 2 days during my Greece trip last year.

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